About Chaudhary Travel

We are the first to create private transportation trade in India. Now we have become the best in our field. Our fleet of vehicles provides all types of car rental solutions in Chandigarh. With our Self Drive cars, you can explore the city at your own pace, without the need for a driver.

Our years of experience and expertise have allowed us to create a comfortable car rental experience for each traveler. We are industry leaders in every aspect, including utilizing the latest tech to establishing 24/7 customer support centers. We bring uniformity to operations and introduce customized services. Our primary focus is on organizing the Indian personal ground transportation industry.

Our History

Since birth, we have been an active travel company in the Indian tourism sector. Skilled consultants, drivers, etc., collectively form a team of over 100 men that help us provide all the services. Our professionals are well-versed in the finer points of travel operations and place a strong focus on client satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide our clients with affordable car rental and travel services, including Self Drive cars. We provide various income sources to ensure business stability, long-term profitability, and growth. Our operations are built on a solid code of ethics we uphold when providing our services.

Happy Customers

To our customers, we continue to offer good services. By providing elegant and comfy services at reasonable prices, we have earned the hearts of our clients. Clients have faith in our support staff and services. Our trained team has worked hard to establish a stellar reputation with Indian and foreign clients.

Our Services

car on rent for event transportation
Event Transportation
Corporate car rental
Corporate Car Rental
Car on rent for conferences and delegations
Conferences & Delegations
car on rent for employee transportation services
Employee Transportation Services
car on rent for hotel travel desk
Hotel Travel Desk

Why choose us

  • Vehicle Models/ Fleets
  • Affordable Car Rentals
  • Car Inspection & Repair Work
  • Timely Services

Vehicle Models/ Fleets

Choose from a wide range of fleet categories, from automobiles in the economic sector to luxury vehicles. We have all main fleet categories for every occasion or event.

  • For any personal or professional travel, vehicles in the economy and executive categories.
  • Luxury and SUV/MUV vehicles for all business and travel needs.
  • Vans, coaches, buses, and luxury vans are imported from abroad for any event or business meeting.

Affordable Car Rentals

With a fleet of more than 150 cars, we have been Chandigarh's top tour and transportation provider for many years. We vowed to offer the best automobile rental services in every category at the lowest possible price. The following are the leading causes of cost affordability:

  • We provide proper with-driver and without-driver car rentals for a wide range of vehicles that perfectly suit your use cases.
  • We treat each customer like a family member and don't use hidden fees whatsoever.
  • Customized packages are available depending on the occasion and use cases.

Car Inspection & Repair Work

We have an in-house, branded internal car cleaning, inspection, and repair facility. Our robust systems allow us to keep the vehicles in top-class condition while keeping the costs low. Besides, we have a team that works on all our fleets and performs necessary maintenance to guarantee comfortable travel to your destination.

  • In-house car maintenance and repair capability.
  • We have a dedicated in-house workforce for fleet maintenance and care.
  • Roadside help in the event of a breakdown or support.
  • Every car has a panic button, GPS, and fire safety features.

Timely Services

Our network of businesses with us includes more than 150 automobiles. It enables us to supply prompt services for any occasion or event.

  • The term "commitment" is frequently used in our vocabulary.
  • Reservations at Choudhary Car Rental are made quickly online.
  • Availability of GPS.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

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